Real Estate & Property Photography!

Photographing a home is an interesting activity.  The home is a quiet subject.  Unlike people I don’t have to make sure it is in a good mood, or has it’s hair and makeup right.  I don’t have to humor it, make it smile and be patient like a photographer has to do with people.  Wildlife scares easy, runs away, or hides in the shadows.  Birds fly into trees, flowers move in the breeze, but the house sits still, happy to oblige.  Even so, homes present challenges as well.  Rooms can be small and dark, or extremely bright as the sun shines in.  Homeowners may not realize how cluttered and messy the kitchen is until the photographer shows up.  TV screens reflect light.  Wood paneled rooms absorb light. 


I enjoy these challenges, and find that taking photographs of homes is interesting.  My favorite photographic subject has always been light.  I love to catch sunbeams shining through a window, or filtered through blinds. I like how light changes the mood of a room, highlighting a cozy reading corner, or reflecting the time of day.   My favorite pictures show both the inside and the views outside at the same time. 


Home photography isn’t as exciting as stalking the grizzly through rivers and across mountains, but it presents both challenges and rewards.  Our homes are our safe places, our family gathering spots and memory making backdrops.  They are warm and cozy, and I enjoy trying to convey that feeling.  I still want to cross Europe or Yellowstone with camera in hand, and often when I shoot a home I find myself taking pictures of the flowers outside as well.  Even so, I look forward to each assignment, wondering how the light will play, and what view I will find in the windows.  Life is good!